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The emphasis is on training and skills development to enable people with impairments (disabilities) to either enter mainstream activities or become entrepreneurs and start-up their own business. Provision is also made to accommodate those that will never be able to gain suitable employment elsewhere.

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A safe place for adults with severe impairments (disabilities) who cannot be employed. The need to include them and make them part of society is one of the most important reasons this facility was created. CAP identified the need, and currently, we are the only organisation that is delivering a service to people with (impairments) disabilities within the community. The project was started in 2014 and there is an increase in demand every year.

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Employability is one of the core problems for out of school youth. Early workplace skill development is crucial to future earnings growth and unemployment early in working life increases the probability of future joblessness.

Our purpose is to give people in our community HOPE by training them in skills, placing them in jobs, addressing their values and mentoring them.

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Special Care

This facility was created due to the need expressed by working mothers and family members for a care facility where they can leave their children with moderate to severe impairments (disabilities) during the day. This Special Care is the only place that renders a service for this specific age group and has been around since 2014. Without this daycare, they have no other place to go. Due to the increased demand, this facility needs to expand to accommodate their needs.

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