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The human capital of tomorrow – that must inhabit and protect this world – are the children of today. We are failing miserably to equip them for this future responsibility.

  • 78% of Grade 4 children in South Africa cannot read for meaning in any language.
  • 65% of Grade 5 children in South Africa cannot add and subtract whole numbers.
  • 37 – 42% of students that start Grade 1 do not finish Grade 12.
  • 52% of learners have repeated a grade, and 9% of Grade 12 learners have repeated a grade 3 times or more.

School remains the most feasible and accessible route to an education for South Africans and, for now, passing Grade 12 is still the gateway to further education and training – and access into the labour market.

Our WHY runs from basic human rights of every child to their sense of belonging… further down into the depths of human recognition and progress all the way to the top of economic sustainability and sufficient skills for the future.


Changemakers is an education model in predominantly rural environments where we build a network of support around learners to ensure they stay in school, grow optimally, and achieve basic literacy and numeracy. The network has a variety of stakeholders ranging from teachers to principals and even the Representative Council of Learners. It is a systemic driving force that looks at public schools holistically and then links them with a Community Based Support Team that we establish.
Being a Changemaker means you develop yourself as a leader, as a specialist in your field, as a contributor to the community, and as a loving adult that every learner needs. Together we create a fit-for-purpose school that aligns with the education department but also global best practice.

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Canolees & tel

The Canolees and Canotel – literacy and numeracy – intervention programs were founded by CAP (Community Action Partnership) in 2020. These programs are based on the Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL)-approach developed by a renowned NGO in India called Pratham.

The TaRL-approach aims at bridging the gap in foundational literacy and numeracy experienced by an alarming number of learners who enter Intermediary Phase education (Gr. 4-6) lacking the ability to read with understanding or carry out basic mathematical operations. CANO give learners who have fallen behind and missed out on key concepts, a fair chance to catch up and improve their learning outcomes.

I’m sensory smart

Sensory play is crucial for the development of a child. It helps support language development, cognitive growth, nurtures creativity and imagination, develops fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving, social interaction and overall wellbeing. All of this forms parts of the foundation that children need for formal education.

Along with sensory play comes another vital part of a child’s development: bonding with a parent/ caregiver! We have thus designed the activities/games in the educational program in such a way that parents can spend proper quality time with their little ones!

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Drop-In Center

Centre where street children or severely neglected children get the following support on a daily basis: nutrition, clothing, homework support and emotional social support. 

It functions as a home/after care centre with loving adults.

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